Bad Weather Arrangement

Safety First | Course Arrangements
In any situation, students/parents should first consider the safety of the students/themselves.The following are arrangements by our academy only, please follow the latest storm news on the radio or television and the instructions from the Hong Kong Observatory.
No. 1 Standby Signal
  • Students/parents may decide whether to attend classes, but absence will NOT be rescheduled.
No. 3 Strong Wind SignalAmber Rainstorm Signal
No. 08 Storm SignalRed Rainstorm Signal
  • ALL CLASSES CANCELLED, classes during typhoon and rainstorm warnings will be rescheduled.
  • After the No. 8 signal or red rainstorm warning is lifted for 3 hours, classes will proceed as usual, absence will NOT be rescheduled.
No. 09 Increasing Gale or Storm SignalBlack Rainstorm Signal
No. 10 Hurricane Signal